WTF?? Woman makes pubic hair dress from people’s private parts curls (photos)



Sarah Louise Bryan, a mohter-of-two, became popular after creating remarkable a dress from 3,000 Skittles but she decided not to stop on the achieved. The woman has now made an extravagant skirt and top from human pubic hair. Gross!

Sarah put out an appeal on social media and surprisingly people supported her bizarre project and donated their natural curls to her. It took her six months to craft them into a hairy bra and full length skirt set.

Commenting on her latest creation, the former beautician said: “I decided to make another design following the Skittles dress, I wanted to beat Lady Gaga ‘s meat dress. I wanted to beat her at the title of most disgusting dress so with the help of asking for pubic hair on Twitter.



Sarah Louise Bryan spent six months designing and creating the human hair dress

I set to work with my eye mask, breathing mask and thickest gloves I could find, because who wants to eat pubic hair? I thought of the design because of how gross it is. I thought what would be the worst thing to have on your dress.”

Even though Sarah’s hobby was harshly criticised she already has plans for even more vile outfits. Earlier today she asked for ‘sperm donations to use as the glue for my new design’ on her Twitter page and hinted on a dress made of toe nails.

A dress made from human hair, designed and created by Sarah Louise Bryan.

She added: “That one will be absolutely vile just like this – from innocent Skittles to this. I love creating wearable art from things no-one else would think of. I pride myself in being the first in the world to create something so unique. I got a lot of abuse on Twitter following this project, but that just drives me so much more.”

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