Why Naria Marley should Quit Music and become a Pastor

Naira Marley is without a single atom of doubt one of Nigeria’s most controversial entertainers today and despite the controversies surrounding him, he’s still one of the best artists we had last year having multiple hit singles.

Marley should Quit Music and become a Pastor

Surprised about this post’s title? Well, you shouldn’t be, because God can use virtually anybody and that’s a fact.

Come along with us as we outline some of the reasons why the singer should quit music and become a Man of God already.

Naira Narley might be known for raunchy lyrics but without a single doubt, the singer has lyrics that are thought provoking. One of his latest hit singles sees the singer title it “Tesumole” which translates to “Step/Trample on the devil”.

In Luke 10:19, the Bible says “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

The aforementioned bible verse goes a long way to show that the Bible has given us authority over Serpents and the same bible refers to the devil as a Serpent and in turn means Naira was speaking in biblical terms or was even engulfed by the Holy Spirit when he wrote the chorus to that song.

Some white garment churches have even adopted the song as an official gospel tune as we’ve seen in viral videos that have surfaced on the internet.

Naira Marley even went ahead to ask his fans if they were children of God in the chorus of the song as well.
In another interesting angle, Naira Marley also has another song named “Mafo” which translates to “Don’t Be Troubled, Be Still”.

One of the best known stories in the Gospels is that of Jesus calming the storm on the lake, which was documented in Mark 4:39 where he said “Peace, be still” and the storm calmed afterwards. When Naira Marley said “Mafo”, my mind could do nothing but hover to the exact words of Jesus which spoke calmness to my soul.

Marley should Quit Music and become a Pastor

Naira Marley might be a rabble-rouser, but God can use anyone. We all can vividly remember Rev. Chris Okotie from back in the day when he used to be an unbeliever and a secular singer who had love themed singles and all, until God called him and today is a revered Man of God who has preached the gospel across the world and saved thousands of souls.

Naira Marley should not hesitate to answer to his true calling and become a Pastor.

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