What Women Say The Male Penis Tastes Like


The Penis is one organ that has been described in a lot of ways from the right shape, to the right size and the right colour. Nothing however matches what people believe the penis tastes like.

Scientists say that women ascribe the penis to taste like something that pleasures their brain receptors. Ever wondered what women think your johnny tastes like?, check out these 8 tastes women have ascribed to the penis.

Moisturising Soap

The soap a man uses may go a long way in determining how and what his underside tastes like. Some soaps have good smells while others simply smell like a hospital ward.

Some women may have untoward flashbacks with the smell of their man’s penis especially if it begins to taste like medicine.


If you’ve ever had shawarma or ate sausages, you may have an idea of what a penis in the mouth tastes like. Some women ascribe the taste of their man’s johnny to shawarma because of their love for this fast food.


Perhaps due to high fruit intake, girls have commented on their man’s penises tasting like pineapples. Research has shown that the taste of a semen can be sweetened with the intake of certain fruits and this maybe the reason why women say their men’s penis and semen have some kind of fruit flavouring.


Some penises have been said to taste and smell like grass. That smell that comes when grass is been mowed or cut is what some women say the penises of their men taste like when they give them a bout of fellatio.


This smell may usually come up as a result of the way men spray their cologne. Some men go as far as spraying their Johnnys with cologne right before meeting up with their partners.

Men describe this taste as alcoholic. They’d rather love that area to be perfumed but not in a manner that will be choking to them.

Sweaty Feet

The private area of men as also been thought to taste like wet feet. You know that whiff of smell that comes when you take off your shoes and socks after a long day?

No specific cause has been attributed to this but it maybe because of not having a shower after a long day at work which may have encouraged the buildup of Bacteria and sweat.


Green vegetables and cabbage is one taste quite a number of women love. Little wonder some of them describe the taste of their men’s penises as being akin to salad.

Some even say they have to remind themselves not to bite when giving a blow job simply because of how much they enjoy the smell and taste.


Perhaps due to similar sweat receptors that lie in the armpit and the groin, the taste of the penis has been described as being similar to that of the armpit.

Women that have experienced this usually want their men to use some form of genital deodorant to improve the smell of the crotch and closer regions if they’re ever going to keep enjoying the joys of getting a bl0wjob.


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