What caused Drake and P-Diddy’s fight.

Drake and P-Diddy were involved in a fight outside the Liv nightclub in Miami on Sunday which left the “Worse Behavior” rapper injured and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

About three different witnesses are now claiming three different stories as to what exactly happened that night at the club between the stars. Diddy punched Drake in the face after he allegedly began flirting with the mogul’s girlfriend, Cassie in the club.

Another source says; The fight was never about Cassie but a long-standing grudge between the stars (Drake & Diddy). Rick Ross, DJ Sam Sneaker, who also was present at the star-studded party, later tweeted his own version of what happened at the events.

He started with: ‘It definitely wasn’t bout Cassie,’ following close behind with: ‘Drake at the Hospital Smh.’
The DJ also specified the injury that Drake had allegedly suffered, tweeting: ‘He dislocated his Shoulder.’ He was sure to add: ‘It’ll come out
soon,’ and ‘Yall pray for Drake.’
Meanwhile, according to Page Six, the issue seems to have started at the NBA All-stars Weekend few months back where Drake reportedly frustrated Diddy when he seized his microphone from his hand to perform his hit song, ‘Worse Behavior’.

The two were performing at the Metropolitan Club in New Orleans along with Nelly, Busta Rhymes, Kevin Hart, and Fabolous, when Drake’s mic turned out to be defective as he began his song. The rapper then threw his mic on the floor, and took Diddy’s right out of his hand, forcing
him to claim the broken one from the ground. The paper also claim the scuffle began when the 45-year-old Ciroc spokesman claimed Drake had been using music without the proper rights. Neither Drake nor Diddy nor their reps have commented on the incident so far. However, we will keep you all posted.

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