Weight Loss Tips That Work

weight loss tips that work

There have been numerous tips on how to lose weight and some people have complained that these tips have failed them or that they don’t work for the average Nigerian.

Here is what might work for you;

Sometimes you just cannot stop eating and this is your number one problem because when you crave, you eat and when you eat, there is more accumulated fat. However, cravings happen when energy levels drop. You can avoid this by substituting some foods with healthier foods in your diet that’ll reduce the number of cravings you have. The good thing about these healthier foods is that they keep you fuller for longer and you don’t have to crave anything until your next main meal.

Be rid of foods like white rice, sugar, white bread, white pasta, pastries, potatoes, biscuits and fizzy drinks.

Replace them with brown rice, sweet potato, vegetables and fruits, wholemeal bread and pasta.

Ensure your meal contains “essential” fat which can aid weight loss. These fats help you turn more food into energy rather than fat and they also help reduce level of saturated fats. Eat more salmon and mackerel, olive oil, unsalted nuts and seeds. Avoid red meat and full-fat dairy.

Never forget to balance your meals with protein because they keep you fuller for a longer period by acting as hunger suppressants, so you are less likely to crave the unhealthy food. Pick from protein like chicken, turkey, eggs, fish and beans.

Endeavour to eat regularly and try not to skip breakfast. When you skip your first meal of the day aka breakfast, you’d store more food as fat in your body when you eventually do. Aim for your three square meals and eat healthy diet while you do.

While you serve/dish your meal, try not to eat too much at a go. For some people, they believe since they have substituted their carbs with healthier food, they have to eat twice as much to fill in for what they “miss”. Eat a moderate proportion each time you eat.

Water! The importance of water cannot be underestimated, drink water as much as you can and ditch your tea, coffee, flavoured drinks and alcohol for water. It keeps you fuller and guarantees a faster weight loss coupled with the list of foods already listed above.

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