If You Urinate Just Before S£X, Stop It Now! Here’s Why!



If you urinate just before S£X, Stop It Now! Here’s why! ;

Having S£X is one of the known human health, most enjoyable times nothing can be done for this pleasant moment. S£X is important for everyone and people engage in sex for different reasons, to enjoy it, to satisfy your partner, to please partner and show love.


Different people require for different reasons. Includes fantasies, anal sex, trying different poses, vaginal sex with other requirements.S£X can be leisure, pleasure or fun. Sex can also be painful, confusing or irritating. You must learn to make it smooth and large. Let, AOS discuss some dos and don, AOTS we have to take into account before S£X .


make sure you’re enjoying sex; It does not mean massive moans. Make some original moan. Ultimately your spouse know, what, AOS make ready. It is a learning process no one becomes perfect at the first time, so relaxed and enjoy every moment.

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