Unbelievable! Man Wakes Up to Find his Manhood on Fire (Photo+Video)


32-year-old man has been given the shock of his life and left with serious agony after he woke up from deep sleep only to see his manhood on fire.
He was shocked to discover that his wife had purposely set his manhood on fire over a disagreement.
According to K24TV, Antony Werunga who is now admitted at the Lumakanda Hospital in Kakamega County, Kenya said he woke up around 3am only to find himself on fire.
Werunga said that he cried out to his wife for help but discovered she had deliberately locked him inside the house.
Speaking on what might have caused his wife to do such a wicked act, Werunga revealed that he had engaged the wife in a serious scuffle for burning his land agreement document.
Werunga swore not to go back to the mother of his six children as he does not know if his manhood will still be functional.
He revealed that his wife is always going to the extreme each time they quarrel as this was not her first time. She had previously burnt other property at the homestead including his clothes and bedding.

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