Tyga, Chris Brown Talks Drake and Kylie Jenner

Tyga, Chris Brown Talks Drake and Kylie Jenner

chris brown and tyga
Recently,Tyga has been making the news.Chris Brown and Tyga was interviewed by Hot 97, the two celebs talked about Drake, Kylie Jenner and more.
Chris Brown explains how he’s tired of talking of Drake and giving him free publicity.

Breezy said“We’re not getting no check from talking about dude. We’re giving him all this pub. We’re us. I can’t keep making these motherf**kers famous. I’m responsible for reviving a lot of careers.”

During the interview, Tyga talked a little on Drake and more about his rumored girlfriend, Kylie Jenner.

Tyga said“I do it for myself. I speak what I feel in my heart, and if I wanna express that, I’m gonna express that at that time. If I wanna express it later in life, I’m gonna do it later. I just feel like it’s nobody’s business.”

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