Two Kids Caught Kissing & Smooching In A Church Compound In Lagos [PHOTOS]

two kids

Two kids have been secretly filmed doing an abominable act during church service yesterday at Shomolu in Lagos State. The kids were caught kissing at the back of their church.

Many will consider this an abomination! According to an online user who shared the photos,the two kids were caught kissing and smooching each other at the back of their church premises.


This is why parents must be vigilant with their kids and what they do around them.It is obvious that these kids might have picked these from their parents or from the public. It is really a bad trend and totally unacceptable.The incident happened during church service at Shomolu, Lagos, yesterday.

NB:The essence of this post is to encourage parents to be more vigilante with what their kids do.It is totally wrong for children to do this kind of abominable act. Let’s hear your view on this, kindly use the comment box below.

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