Twins looking for long lost mum discover she was murdered just two days earlier


Twin brothers, 19 year old Curtis and Lewis Nickle who had been desperately looking for their long lost mother, 42 year old Maxine Showers, online and everywhere else were horrified when they discovered that she had been savagely murdered just two days earlier.
Showers who was a sex worker had been killed and dumped in an alleyway by her 29 year old client Michael Williams.



According to the Liverpool Echo , Curtis, 19, told the court:

“How could we be so close and have it all cruelly taken away?

“If only we could have the chance to tell her we love her and have never blamed her for us being adopted.

Turning to face his mum’s killer in the dock, he continued:

“You have taken away from this world a beautiful, wonderful person.

“No amount of apologising will ever bring our mum back. So your remorse, if you have any, is not accepted.”

Showers who was a mother of 8 children had given the twins up for adoption when she couldn’t fend for them anymore.

The twins said their adoptive mum Angie gave them her name, but when they went on the internet on September 30th last year, to look for her, they read reports of her tragic death two days earlier.

Williams claimed that after he had sex with Showers, she tried to steal from him. He said he didnt not murder the Liverpool mum but admitted to manslaughter. Her body was discovered in an alleyway behind Williams’ home in Hinton Street on the morning of Monday, September 28 last year.

Michael Williams
Michael Williams


Prosecutors said Williams killed her in a “vicious assault.
Judge David Aubrey, QC, on Minday said there was no truth to this suggestion and said it was a “brutal, savage and sustained” cocaine and alcohol-fuelled attack.
The judge said:

“A void and emptiness is felt by so many as they seek to come to terms with their grief.

“It was a tragedy that two 19-year-olds were seeking to ascertain the whereabouts of their natural mother, having been adopted at a very young age.

“They wished to contact their real mother they had never known. They are never to know her in consequence of what you did.

Williams was jailed yesterday to life in prison with a  minimum of 22 years behind bars, after jurors found him guilty.

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