Top Hygiene Habits To Help Prevent GENITAL INFECTIONS




The woman genital area is very delicate and sensitve but often women don’t give much thought to looking after it the right way. You could easily get an infection if you are not careful enough about your genital health.

Infection is an inflammation of the va gina that creates discharge, odour, irritation, or itching. Sometimes, it is difficult to diagnose because of its many causes.

If you are in this category, here are some hygiene habits to keep genital infections away:

Learn to strengthen your pelvic floor. A stronger pelvic floor reduces your risk of incontinence and any related infections. Kegel exercises are great for building up the pelvic floor muscles, so do more of levels.

Avoid perfumed soaps down there and don’t douche for any reason. Scented soaps can seriously irritate your va gina. Rather wash the outer area with a mild soap and water.

If you are se xually active, practise safe se x. As semen is more alkaline, it can change your va gina’s PH, making it less effective at warding off higher levels of bacteria and putting you at an increased risk of infection.

Don’t try to cover up any unpleasant odours with talcum powder. Talcum powder will dry out your va gina and lead to irritation. Also, an unpleasant smell is a symptom of infection so do the right thing- See your doctor.

If you have recurring infections, say good bye to g-strings or thongs. These may look beautiful on you but they can actually cause harmful bacteria to be spread towards your va gina. Rather choose normal panties and remember to stick to cotton only. Cotton helps to draw moisture away from the skin and is less irritating.

Change your pad more regularly during your period than every 4-6 hours as usually recommended. When your pad is damp, it will have organisms from your vagina, sweat from your genitals, etc. When these organisms remain in a warm and moist place for a long time they tend to multiply and can lead to genital infections.

Eat daily variety of fruits and vegetable, stay hydrated with plenty of water and avoid stress if possible by getting proper rest.

If you are worried because you have noticed a genital symptom, you need to see your doctor for proper check up.

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