Things You Need To Do When She Plays Hard To Get



The dating game is a precarious one and irrespective of how much you try to make it look and seem cool in movies, songs and books, it’s nothing but a game of chance.

What makes it more interesting is that dating is like a game of cards where the players are suspicious of one another moves. As men, we often meet members of the opposite sex who are fund of playing hard to get. This has been so from time immemorial. Women are always in a position of advantage. We on the other hand were given the huge task of chasing, wooing and warding off competition from other men.

There are however reasons why she may be playing hard to get or playing with your emotions. You must keep in mind that relationships are not like the regular movie script where a man impresses and wins the heart of a girl instantly. This is more evident with women who have an endless list of men which they can choose from and will be willing to put you through some games and tests to determine if you’re worthy of her.

Why does she play hard to get?

A lot of things are invested into relationships from time, to emotions and resources. It not working out in the end could be devastating no matter how long the relationship has been. This is why women always have a need to be certain. Women play hard to get to buy themselves time and determine if a prospective partner will be up to the task. She wants to be certain you’re interested in her and be assured of the kind of person you are.

Factors To Remember Before Making Your Move

It could be that she’s not playing hard to get and that she’s just very busy with work and life in general. You shouldn’t get upset if she doesn’t pick your calls as women are as work-oriented as men are these days. Just remember never to accuse her of playing hard to get as you may never be able to get her that way.

Furthermore, it may also be that she’s only enjoying your misery and not actually interested in you. It is important you’re smart enough to recognize someone that is leading you on. A lot of men tend to believe the stereotype that you can chase a woman as long as is possible with the belief that she will end up being yours. It’s better to move on if you’ve tried your best for a while and you keep getting the same “not sure” answer.

Dealing With Her Hard-To-Get Games

Now you’re sure she’s only playing hard to get and it’s time to go about it the right way to make her your girlfriend. It is important you put in more effort than you have before. Women usually want you to up the ante when they play hard to get. They want a little bit more than texting and keeping in contact through instant messaging applications. Try and call more often and she may soften towards you more. Try and be more humorous and creative when you talk and meet up with her. Listen to her talk, be there for her as much as you can and go out of your way to show how sincere you are. This is bound to make her feel comfortable and cheerful anytime she’s around you.

Be Confident
Moreover, show her how confident you can be but remember not to overdo it. Women can play hard to get in a religious or bitchy manner. Women tend to do this to find out how you can hold up under pressure and intimidation. Be observant of things such as her mannerisms and body language which you can use to determine the things she enjoys. Don’t be overly confident, go for smooth and steady and you’d have her in your palms in no time.

Play Hard To Get
Now, you can go ahead and do exactly what she’s doing, play hard to get too! She may be playing that game to know if you’re interested in her and by playing the same game, you just may get her. Allow her miss you but always keep in mind that she’s probably testing and wants the attention you’re withholding. Try giving her as much attention as you can for a couple of days or weeks. These includes constant calls, messages and meet ups; then without warning, pull out the attention. Deliberately stop calling and call off any hangouts you had planned without prior warning. This will likely make her have withdrawal symptoms and she will come running back to ask what the problem is. This may sound devilish, but the endpoint is to make her realize how much you both will be better together.

Go Straight Up
Confront her head on and ask where you guys are headed. Tell her how you’ve been trying for a while and you’d just like to know if you guys can ever be more than what you are at the moment. This will likely take her by surprise but will also show her your determination in making her yours. The time you ask this is important. Choose a private and secluded place when you both are lost for words. You can also consider asking her immediately after she has laughed at something humorous you brought up. It’s a gamble that will likely pay off since women appreciate sincere and honest men.

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