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How To Choose Kitchen Cabinets

Picking the right kind of kitchen cabinets during your kitchen remodeling is a responsible task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. With our tips you will not only learn how to make a perfect choice for your kitchen, but will also save much money on the purchase. Find out what to pay attention to while shopping for your new kitchen cabinets!


The most popular material for kitchen cabinets around the world has always been wood, which is not surprising: in addition to being durable and versatile, wood is also undeniably good-looking, which is important for buyers who want to add some style to their homes. However, in the past few years the range of materials used for kitchen cabinets has expanded significantly, so now you can go for metal, stainless steel, melamine, and other high-tech materials. These kitchen cabinets don’t lack in style, while offering the buyers even more reliability.


Door styles

With dozens of kitchen cabinet door styles available, making the decision may seem like a daunting challenge. However, unlike many other cabinet parameters, door styles only have visual impact, which is why it’s a good idea to simply match them to the rest of your kitchen. You can choose kitchen cabinets with clear and straight lines, or you can opt for an intricate carving job – the only thing that matters here is how well your new cabinets will fit into your kitchen interior design.


Door mounting

Most kitchen cabinets have either inset doors, where the doors are installed inside the frame, and overlay doors, which cover the cabinet case. Inset doors are rather rare in today’s market and significantly limit the space inside the cabinet. Overlay doors are divided into two types. Regular overlay doors are fitted in a way that allows you to see parts of the cabinet frame, while full overlay ones are more closely fitted and cover the cabinet frame completely.



The one thing that influences both the appearance of your kitchen cabinets and for how long they will serve you is the hardware, which mainly includes knobs and pulls. Since they are going to be used multiple times every day, make sure to choose the highest quality ones, so that you won’t have to replace them after a few months. As for the appearance, door knobs and pulls can be considered the main accessories of kitchen cabinets, which is why they should not only add a splash of style, but also match the color and design of the furniture.



Replacing kitchen cabinets can be rather expensive, but you can save a lot of cash on your purchase if you know the right shopping destination. Jiji, one of Nigeria’s biggest online marketplaces, has hundreds of kitchen cabinets for you to choose among. Buy kitchen cabinets on Jiji and let the prices and level of service pleasantly surprise you.


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