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Shocking Moment Shameless Parent Steals Laptop from a School [VIDEO]

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Officials of a school were left in shock after CCTV camera shows a middle-aged woman stealing a laptop belonging to the director of Trinity International Kindergarten located along James Gichuru Road in Lavington, Nairobi.

eDaily reports that the school’s director, Alice Mwangi Njuguna, the suspect, who visited the school Thursday 2 o’clock, identified herself by one name – Mildred –, but she did not record her full name, I.D. number, telephone number and physical address in the school’s visitors’ registration book. “She came and told us that she was interested in enrolling her 3-year-old child in the school, and she asked to be taken round. According to her, she wanted to survey the offices and the school compound. When she completed the mini tour, she came back to our administration block’s waiting lounge, sat down and requested for water. After this, ‘Mildred’ asked the school administrator to take her driver round the school,” Ms Mwangi told eDaily.

At that point, she got an opportunity to enter my office and steal my laptop. She got to know about my office and the laptop because she had left her bag in the waiting lounge when she was being taken round. My administrator, however, told her not to leave her bag on the seat; and asked if she could keep it for her inside my office. In the process, ‘Mildred’ observed that the office door had not been locked – just shut. That is how she gained entry into the office,” added Ms Mwangi.

Unfortunately the registration number of the car they left in – a Toyota NZE model – was not captured on another CCTV recording. We did not manage to trace the suspect,” she said.

According to the director, she was not in the school premises when the incident happened – she only learnt of the theft when she entered her office Friday 8pm and found her laptop missing.

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Ms Mwangi says the school administrator is quite young, so she probably has not been exposed to such scams. Ms Mwangi has reported the incident to Msongari Police Station which took copies of the CCTV footage for in-depth investigations Saturday.

Watch video below:

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