She Said No When I Ask Her Out – Now She’s Tripping For Me


I met her 5 years ago through her brother who happened to be my mentor, We became friends and shared a lot of thoughts together, Just 3 months ago, I asked her out and she declined telling me ”We’re just friends”,”I can’t date you” and all that, I was so sore hearted because I was expecting an affirmative since we are so close.

A very close friend of mine tried to convince her but she stood her ground, She would send me ”Hi” first on Whatsapp and FB and I’d wait for like 2 minutes before replying her even after I might have read the message, She keep chatting me up and I reply harshly most times, Now I’m really confused because she was not like that before, She would send me greetings, like and even comment on my statuses which she doesn’t do before and so many signs, Now I’m really confused ”Could she be tripping for me”?

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