Self sufficiency – By Fatoba Olusola Peter.

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By Fatoba Olusola Peter

‘By tomorrow, the plant that needs your hands, watering, and weeding today is the same one you would depend on for living’.

Looking at how we handle life, I was propelled to ask these two questions.

1. Can a car move freely if the front tyres or the ones at the back refuse to roll?
2. Can a day break if the night refuses to give way for its breaking?

Life has its special way of working. Nobody seems to be, and of course, is self sufficient or all sufficient. Looking deep into the realities of life, you would notice that life has its special way of supporting A with B, and without other letters of the English alphabet, which is the most familiar to me, none of them could stand on its own to make up the group of letters called Alphabet. Have you noticed that no matter how rich someone is, they never stand alone, they need the help of people around, or from afar, to enjoy their wealthy life.

Consequently, it’s evident that without someone being called poor, there would be nobody to be referred to as being rich or wealthy. Nobody would be called a father or be referred to as a mother, and be collectively known as parents without their children. You might be the reason someone else is who they are. Nobody has ever been alone, nobody is alone, and nobody would ever be alone.

Life as it is, has been configured such that the ones that are wicked have people to suffer from their wickedness. It has been configured such that the nice ones have people to enjoy their niceness; such that the poor have the rich to serve to make living, and the rich, the poor to pay to get their works done. And other categories of humans live together to make life worth living, and existence worth fighting for.

You have so much to contribute to your being alive, and to the proper functioning of life: to live and survive, to help and be helped, to give and receive, to lend and borrow, to offer and be offered, to support and be supported, enjoy and be enjoyed, sell and buy, to learn and teach, to gain, flourish, and to prosper, not for yourself alone but for others as well.

It might have a derailing effect on the way life is meant to work, if you decide to conform to your own ways of doing things, regardless of the way it’s meant to be. You might not receive if you do not give; you might find it very difficult to be supported if you do not support; you are not likely to be able to sell if you don’t buy; you might not be able to teach it if you haven’t learnt it.

Life would be a lot easier if you realise that ‘everyone needs everyone’. Only when the front tyres realise the usefulness of the ones at the back and vise versa, only then can the car move freely. Only when the night realises the fact that without a day, there’d be nothing called night. Only when we all realise that no one is fully and truly self-sufficient, and that the plant that needs you for watering and weeding today is what you’d need for living tomorrow; and therefore treat everyone in accordance, only then would we enjoy living.

You need me and I need you; let’s treat ourselves in accordance.


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