TOUCHING: See what this 8-year-old girl begs Buhari to do [VIDEO]

See what this 8-year-old girl begs Buhari to do

An eight-year-old Nigerian girl in a video that emerged on social platforms desperately begs President Muhammadu Buhari and his ruling All Progressives Congress to relieve suffering of masses.

In the video, the little girl noted that in her house, they have not had light for four days, and don’t even have fuel in the generator.

She asked President Buhari to go beg former president Goodluck Jonathan if he doesn’t know what to do to alleviate this “scorching suffering Nigerians are going through all in the name of ‘change’ Nigerian voted for.”

Watch the video below:

APC’s promise of change, which appealed to a majority of Nigerian voters, has become a source of hope for many residents of the country. When Buhari assumed office, he asked for time to assess and clear some of the damage.

The president took all the time he needed, and now Nigerians are getting impatient. They criticized the leader of the nation for being slow in implementing his policies and for traveling around the world while the nation is suffering.

Many lower and middle class Nigerians already struggle very hard for their daily food, now they have the added burden of fighting for fuel, kerosene and diesel in order to keep their businesses afloat and be comfortable at home.

However, the Buhari’s government promised to end fuel scarcity as soon as possible.

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