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If there is someone who you look up to and admire, tell him or her. It’s very important. It may be really easy for you to tell this person, or it could be very hard. I know from personal experience that even if you talk to this person all of the time and feel very comfortable with this person, it can be very hard to tell them that they’ve been your role model. But no matter how hard it is or how nervous and uncomfortable it can be, it is totally worth it.

I recently told my role model how much I looked up to her and admired her. I hadn’t ever told anyone. I was the only one who knew what an incredible difference she had made in my life. I didn’t think that it would be very hard for me to tell her, because I talk to her all of the time and consider her not only my role model, but also my friend.
I knew that sometimes when I try to tell a person something important, I often stumble through my words and end up leaving something out. This was so important to me that I wanted to have a back-up plan; so I wrote her a letter. I went to her house to tell her, but didn’t anticipate having to use the letter. I tried to talk, but the words just wouldn’t come out, so I handed her the letter and told her I hoped that it explained what I was trying to say.

It did, but while she was reading it I was sitting there in her living room, watching the clock tick and staring at the walls. I was really nervous about what she’d say. It was a very long and awkward five minutes. When she got through reading it, she thanked me and told me that she’d never had any idea that I felt that way. Before I left, she gave me a big hug and thanked me again.

No matter how hard it was for me to tell her, I’ve not regretted it for a second. I am so glad that I finally told her how I felt. I actually feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable around her now. And I also feel like I can be more open with her about my feelings and that I can go to her if I ever have a problem that I need to talk about.
So, if there is someone who you admire and look up to, tell him or her. If you put it off, then you never know when “later” may turn out to be too late. It is so rewarding to tell them how much they mean to you. And I can almost guarantee you that it will be as, if not more, rewarding to them to know that they’ve made a difference in your life. But if you don’t tell them, they may never know that they were such an influence to you. One of the worst things to live your life wondering is, “What if?”

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