Saraki Visits Obasanjo Home For Secret Meeting, OBJ Says Saraki Has Caused Damage In APC.

The most cunning politician in Nigeria, Bukola Saraki has run to former leader, Olusegun Obasanjo in a bid to calm down the tension his political desperation is generating in the APC party.
After his meeting request with President Buhari was rejected, Saraki ran to Obasanjo’s hilltop mansion in Abeokuta today for intervention
Although calls to Mr. Saraki and his aide, Bamikole Omishore, were not answered, a source close to the former President said Obasanjo took a swipe at Saraki during the meeting.
OBJ tells Saraki“ you children of nowadays only run to elders when you have finished making the damage”.
He then put a call through to President Buhari.

Saraki 3
Do nothing people enriching their own pockets while giving empty promises to Nigerians. Yeye politicians.

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