REVEALED! See Reasons Why Men Patronize Pr0stitutes


Prostitution is one of the oldest occupations in the world. Prostitution thrives under any economic condition. What is seen these days is large number of upwardly mobile guys who patronize these ladies of easy virtues.

LEKAN AYETORO – Men patronize prostitutes for different reasons, it might be that they need to spice up their $ex life or they want a different taste of $ex.

TOMIWA AKINREMI – For me, prostitutes are more accessible and less demanding. They will not ask for unnecessary money from you because they know what the business is all about not like girlfriends that will ask for dinner dates, Brazilian hair, shopping, public holiday gifts, sharwama, clubbing and all. So, prostitutes are more affordable.

GBENGA ANIFOWOSE – Some men patronize prostitutes because they can’t go through the drama or stress of relationships. Moreover, these girls that people term prostitutes are better than these so called good girls.

OPEOLUWA FABIYI – Most prostitutes are safer than these so called girlfriends because they will never get down with a guy without condom. There are classes of prostitutes. Moreover, variety is the spice of life.

MATTHEW OLAKUNLE – There are different reasons why men patronize prostitutes. Some can be due to crazy $ex drive, some because they just had a serious heartbreak, some are shy to approach ladies for a relationship, some can’t deal with the headache, nagging and problems of relationship.

KINGSLEY MONU – Most men have insatiable desire for $exual pleasure and if they find someone that will give them all the styles and adventures, they will go for her. So, most times because they are affordable and will treat you well with $ex, they go for them.

EMEKA EJIKE – Some men patronize prostitutes because of low self esteem. Some do it because of some alcohol they have taken like Alomo, Opa Eyin, Baby Oku and so on.

SILAS OKORO – Men patronize prostitutes because they want to help them. It is a simple and straight forward transaction and you will get all the pleasure you want. The guy will not even go through the trauma of nagging and demanding money every day.

TOBI OGUNDIMU – Men patronize prostitutes because of too much exposure to p*rn, insatiable $exual appetite, lust for flesh and because most of them think with their head in-between their legs and not the head on their neck.

LANRE OGUNSANYA – Because most guys are busy these days, so when they need $ex, the easiest way out is to call an ashawo because before you start cajoling your girlfriend to come over, the guy must have masturbated.

WALE AMZAT – Men patronize prostitutes because they are wonderful in bed. Some do it to discharge unwanted sperm and some do it to shy away from the responsibility of keeping a girlfriend.

GBEMI AKOLADE – Some men patronize prostitutes because it is convenient for them and they will adequately express their sensuality. Some do it because they are shy and some do it because they don’t have the liver to ask a girl out.

DAMOLA FOLARIN – Men patronize prostitutes because they are strictly pleasurable, they are straight forward and effective. They know that there are no strings attached, that’s all.

SUNDAY AKINYELURE – Some men patronize prostitutes because they don’t want girls to be pestering them for money in the name of permanent girlfriend.

BRIGHT UCHENDU – The reason men patronize prostitutes is because they don’t want any commitment. Some do it because they lack discipline, most men like ladies who will give it to them any day anytime with no restriction or condition.

CHINEDU NNAEMEKA – Men patronize prostitutes because they are easy to access. There is less stress in getting them not like keeping a girlfriend that will tell too many stories before you see the colour in her P@nt.

OSONDU RICHARD – I patronize prostitutes because they are harmless and fun to be with unlike girlfriends that will give STD’s and unnecessary disease and even cheat on their boyfriends.
JUSTIN ISIKALU – Why men patronize prostitutes are because there are no strings attached. Prostitutes don’t have feelings, their business is straight forward, there won’t be any case of abortion or baby-mama drama and 100 percent of these prostitutes are very clean.

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