#ReopenOAU: “The Federal Fever – By Ade Ash

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(A self inspired piece by Ade Ash)
It is very easy to put pen to paper and scribe one’s mind as best pleases, but the crux of the matter usually lies in the impact made and how it affects lives.
Having said that, it is true we’ve been on strike, an indefinite one for that matter and it is also true we’ve been hearing a lot of rumours as to the cause and hopefully the conclusion which seems to be on the horizon.
What bothers me most as a student is my life and my educational career and the fact I am not getting younger hurts me more, just as I expect it hurts others who like me find themselves in O.A.U We might want to take consolation from the fact that at this point, as nation, most of our, if not all, federal universities are on strike or just concluded one as the case of UNILAG and UI. The state universities are not exempted from this ordeal that parade tertiary institutions in this nation; they too go on strike whenever the need arises. It seems ‘striking’ is the real deal now.
Interestingly, to say it is ‘appalling’ will be quoted as being the understatement of the year. For what our eyes have seen our mouths
cannot spill. what is the worth of spilling if at the end of the day you don’t get a redress of the issue?

Truth is I care less of how other schools run their affairs. I’ll rather speak about my Jerusalem and pray that a divine intervention occurs sooner, rather than later, that will help in curbing this nonsensical and persistent
syndrome. It’s a circle; NASU today, S.U tomorrow and let us not forget the Almighty ASUU. When you ask the reason for this, the most frequent answer you get is, ‘We are fighting for our rights’ at the detriment of
lives like mine and yours.
Unfortunately, I cannot say when and if this strike palaver will ever cease and like a friend of mine who is in her finals will say, ‘kunle , you are complaining; for what? You haven’t seen OAU in her “madness”.’ She needs not say much, the whole ballyhoo expresses her thought.

As selfless as I am, I also feel for the freshmen who have been baptised and indoctrinated into the system even before their matriculation. ( I can and will advise that they should consider taking another JAMB but with the new JAMB admission set up, I don’t think getting admission into UNIILORIN (plan b) will come by easily. I don’t want to say I regret choosing OAU but either ways, I am responsible for my actions. I am afraid we just have to stop complaining because we knew the status quo and were only hopeful things would get better.
Finally, the name of my school is ‘Obafemi Awolowo University’ not ‘Oba Awon University.’

That shit annoys me.
What is great about a university where majority of the lecturers make life a living hell for students?
What is great about a university where the “Ogas at the top” only know how to enrich their pockets at the slightest contact with mint while facilities and infrastructures are in their worst state?
My conclusion goes thus, ‘learn to persevere, keep doing your best and pray that God, sooner, not later, ends this madness that unfolds before our very eyes.

A self inspired piece from Ade Ash…
#Spread the word not the confusion.
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