Police Confirm Bomb Attack In APC Office

An All Progressives Congress (APC) office in Rivers state was attacked earlier today, 11th of January, this was confirmed by the Police.

It was revealed by PremiumTimes report that the office, which is located in Okrika Local Government Area, was attacked at 3:14 a.m.

Ahmad Muhammad, the command’s public relations officer, confirmed that they had, indeed, received a report on the incident, although he admits that they don’t have the full story yet and no arrests have been made.

“I am aware of the incident at Okrika, but the information at my disposal is sketchy,’’ Mr. Muhammad, a deputy superintendent of police,” he said.
Chairman of the All Progressive Congress in the Local Government, Christian Asifamaka, also confirmed this story. He
disclosed that unknown people attacked the APC party office in Abam-Ama with dynamite.

“The explosion which occurred at 3:14 a.m. destroyed our secretariat building, bringing down the walls. The damage was quite extensive with the
chairman’s office being the worst hit ,’’
Asifamaka told Newsmen today.

He also opined that this attack was a strategy being used by the party’s opponent to provoke them into a battle that would destabilize the local government. He reiterated that the party would, despite the attack, still tow a path of peace and not that of violence.

It is should be noted that Okrika is the home town of Nigerian First Lady, Patience Jonathan.

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