Please Advice Me! I’m Pregnant For My Half Brother, What do I do?!


Just checking through mails from NaijaLikerz subscribers today and i found this from a certain young lady who pleaded not to share her name:

“Hello NaijaLikerz admin, i don’t know if you can help post this, but please don’t publicize my name/email, I will be very happy if you can help me out becos i am tired of life.

I was having a sweet s.ex relationship with my half brother secretly but now i am pregnant for him, please dear sir/ma, advice me on what to do, because my daddy will kill me if he gets to know and a doctor advise me not to go for any abortion, am ashame of my action”

Please kindly scroll down to the comment area and comment.. Your advice might be of help to her and also click the share button for others to learn too.


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