[Photos/Video] ‘Angels’ Appear In Church During Church Service

Controversial South African pastor, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, keeps dazzling quite a lot of people.


In a video which was posted on Youtube in December 2015, it was shown how ‘angels’ purportedly appeared during a live Sunday service at the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECGC) headed by Prophet Bushiri.

[Photos/Video] 'Angels' Appear In Church During Church Service

The video claimed ‘angels’ appeared physically in the 4th overflow (wing of the church) after the prophet prayed for God to open the eyes of the people so that they would see and believe. As he was still praying, the angels manifested physically and it was caught on camera.

Watch the video below:

Just recently, the famous prophet acquired a third private jet in a space of two years and photos of his acquisition has caused tongues to go wagging.

Source: Naij

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