[PHOTOS] Caught in the act! Chidinma and Flavour caught romancing

When you think of Chidinma, the Kedike star, what comes to mind is that little naive, reserved girl still waiting to break away from her mother’s tender grip.

But the petite songstress is pushing beyond that boundary and showing that anything can happen when it comes to her brand.

At the concert which was held recently, hosted by Phyno tagged Phynofest, the duo of Chidinma and Flavour took their “Chemistry”; to another level. Before now they have been pictured in compromising positions and the idea of them dating has been denied severally.

Caught in the act! Chidinma and Flavour caught romancing

Despite denying the fact that they are both dating, during the concert held at Onitsha, they performed their duet Ololufe and shared a kiss after the performance.

This didn’t go well with some of Chidinma’s fans as they took to her Instagram page to express their disapproval.

One of them writes: “If you two are dating, let us know and stop forming church-girl.”

Another adds: “Is this how you guys would be kissing whenever you perform Ololufe?”

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