[PHOTO] World’s Skinniest Woman

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Atimes you see something that alarms you, something which has a deeply emotional effect on you, something that would makes you take action that would help a fellow creature like you.

I was surfing the net when I stumbled upon this woman online, and yes,
she has caught my attention since then…. You just need to see how thin this woman is, medical practitioners say she is suffering from food disorder. Many Nigerians would say she is suffering from AIDS or any other
STDs. <9ja Factor>
Valeria who is the world’s skinniest woman developed anorexia as a teenager. She believes she developed the illness in response to her mother’s close monitoring of her weight.

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“We are not designed to be skeletons”, she said.
Talking about her weight… “Being this thin is not the greatest feeling in the world, because people are repulsed”.
“People think there is an anorexic look”
, Valeria told a group of parents who were seeking advice on how to spot the signs of an eating disorder.

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“There is no anorexic look just anorexic behaviour, which leads to the anorexic look. Weight is a mere symptom; it is not the cause or the root of the problem”.

See some of her pictures below>>>

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