[PHOTO] OMG!!! See The Picture Of The World Smallest Bible

The World’s tiniest and smallest bible has just been released. It contains all the entire verses and chapters of the New Testament ,and it is so small that fits in your pocket – and just as the same size as your fingernail too.

The new invention which was created by the Jerusalem Nano Bible company was made in such a way that it can be worn around the neck or even embedded inside a watch. The company is seeking validation from the Guinness World Records that it is indeed and truly the world’s smallest Bible , although you can’t read it with bare eyes, except with the aid of a
microscope to read it.

‘Our aim is to be able to mass produce it and cater to really every pocket. Because this application, the smallest Bible in the world, Jerusalem Nano Bible, can be applied to infinite possibilities in the jewellery industry.’ said David Almog, who is the head of the company’s marketing and sales department.


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