[PHOTO] Girl stopped from committing suicide

This young girl whose picture you are seeing above was restrained from taking her life after she tried to kill herself in the Okaka-Epie area of Yenogoa in Bayelsa State. Report has it that the girl was depressed after a fight with her sister, she sneaked away and got a bottle of a poisonous substance called ‘sniper’, used as a pesticide which she quickly drank in order to finish it all. But her saving grace came in the shape of a young man who saw her in the act and raised
the alarm. Neighbours quickly mobilised and went to the rescue of the girl who was by now writhing in pain and administered local first aid
on her by forcing her to drink palm oil before rushing her down to the hospital where doctors were said to have battled to evacuate the poison
from her system.

But the question that would be running on everyone’s mind is that; how could a human being would want to take her life after a fight with her sibling.

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