People have gone as far as Instagram to express their hate at the Royal Couple

Instagram users have gone on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s IG account to leave hateful messages, with some asking Meghan to disappear. It got so bad that their social media handlers have had to delete some.

 The royal couple shared photos from their visit to the women of The Hubb Community Kitchen and “Together, Our Community Cookbook.”

 But members of the public took to the comment section to call out the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the most hateful manner.

 One Instagram user wrote: “Meghan you are the most hated woman on the planet! Please just disappear for good!”

 Another said: “Harry should have married someone from UK. A person with no family around will isolate you from family.”

 The royal couple’s social media handlers have been deleting some of the comments but this angered Instagram users even more and they are calling them out for it.

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