OMG!! A man finds anaconda in his kitchen, what he does next is so foolish!


It’s a real shock to find a huge snake right in your kitchen. But even more shocking is the anaconda’s response to a man attempt to touch its body.

There are lessons you learn the easy way, but some of us are not like that. They are prone to be the “Die hard” guys, who learn some pretty painful lessons in life. This man is the type. He found the huge snake in his kitchen. Instead of letting it alone and calling for help, he decides to pat it!

What happens next is like a horror movie. As soon as he stretches the hand down to the snake, it attacks him in one swift move and tries to bite deep into his arm. This guy was foolish, but lucky, as his reaction was quick enough to jerk back the hand and avoid a massive bite on it.


What on earth did he expect the snake to do? Doesn’t he know wild anacondas are not the friendliest creatures? The snake is the hunter, the top one in its environment. And it is a deadly foe. This reptile is the largest kind in the world. They hunt in the rivers and forests of South Africa and consume large size prey, such as animals, fish and at times even people.

No one was able to make a cute little pet out of an enormous reptile. This man tried, but miserably failed at it. Good thing he remained alive and able to call for help after such a foolish expression of friendliness to a wild beast.

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