Nollywood Actress Blames Bad Publicity For Ruining Her Relationships

Nollywood Actress Blames Bad Publicity For Ruining Her Relationships


Popular Nollywood Yoruba actress, Ronke Odusanya, also known as ‘Flakky Dido’ has revealed that negative publicity has affected her relationships badly.

The actress, who just returned from South Africa, where she spent two months on a new TV series titled ‘Closet’, had more to say about what she feels about negative stories and how she handles them, being a private person.

“It has not been easy; especially when people hear things about you and don’t bother to hear your own side before going ahead to do the stories. That can be very painful. It is one part of the media I don’t like.”

She gave more instances how the bad media affected her relationship with other stars in the industry

“There are individual differences; some will be mature about it and some childish. I have an instance where someone called and said it is reported that I was fighting Fathia Williams because of Pasuma. And we were both at a location shooting. I had to call her attention to it and she spoke to the person.

“There was another in a paper (newspaper), one time that Flakky Dido was badly beaten by an Alhaji in Illorin, and I was lying beside my boyfriend at that time. He was the one who saw the story and showed it to me, and he was like, ‘if I was abroad, I would have believed this story.’ You don’t have to defame somebody’s career all in the name of getting your own job done”.

According to her, “There is something we do, how people just say things like those actresses, ‘they like bleaching,’ ‘they like snatching people’s boyfriends.’ Do you know how many girls have snatched my own boyfriend or that I have caught with my boyfriend? How many people do I go to tell?”

The actress revealed that it has indeed affected her relationship very badly.

“There was this guy I met then and he just didn’t want to let go off the story of a blogger who posted a picture I took with the son of a make-up artiste, who looked like me, with the headline ‘Flakky Dido finally unveils son.’ Meanwhile, there had been a story making round then that I had two sons for Pasuma, which also caused a fight between my cousin and another lady at a beach where she claimed she knew me personally, that I indeed bore Pasuma two kids.”

She further said “Is it the one that I helped and the wife went to the media claiming that I snatched her husband that I want to settle down with? Where was she when I was helping the guy? It was when she saw him using two cars, which she knew not how he came about them that she now came out. Meanwhile, she had left the guy when he had nothing almost two years. She said she had left him for me, when people started asking her where she was all this while. When I see the right person I will settle down”.

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