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Naija News

No Corps Member Was Killed In Gombe During Elections – NYSC.

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The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Tuesday, denied reports in the media that two Corps members, who served as ad-hoc staff in Gombe State at the just concluded March 28 Presidential and the National Assembly elections, were killed by insurgents in the state.
This was contained in a statement signed by NYSC’s Director of Press and Public Relations, Bose Aderibigbe, and made available to journalists in Abuja.
Mrs Aderibigbe was reacting to a broadcast by Channels TV that two corps members were killed in Gombe.
The statement reads; “The attention of NYSC management has been drawn to a misleading news story featured by Channels Television on the death of two corps members in Gombe state during the attack on some parts of the state.
“Management categorically wants to state that no corps members in Gombe died during the said attack by the suspected insurgents.
“The two names carried on Channels TV as Corps members who lost their lives were INEC ad-hoc staff and not corps members as reported. The NYSC however commiserates with families of those that lost their lives.
“NYSC management wants to reassure all Nigerians that we are indeed committed towards the security and safety of Corps members nationwide”.

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