Nigerian Tissue Seller In Spain Returns Misplaced Briefcase Containing €16,000

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A Spain based Nigerian who is a tissue seller tissue seller has made headlines for his honesty, after returning a forgotten brief case containing €16,000, which had fallen off the roof of a car.

Mr Peter Angelina, who is 35-year-old, is the individual being lauded as a good Samaritan for his actions. According to Telegraph UK, he was selling packets of paper handkerchiefs at his usual roadside spot, on the 3rd of December, when he noticed that a briefcase had been left on the roof of a car. When the motorist pulled away, the briefcase fell to the ground.

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He tried to stopped the driver, but was unable to do so. He then took the briefcase to the police station so authorities could assist in tracking down the owner, which they were eventually able to do. The owner of the brief case was a 42-year-old businessman from Seville.

Reports state that; “the case was discovered to contain €3,150 in cash and six cheques with a combined value of €13,000 as well as some documents and a mobile telephone.”

The businessman gave Angelina €100 as a reward for being honest.

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“People say I could have kept the money and then thrown the briefcase away but I am not like that, and God wouldn’t have liked that… I am not crazy, I am a good man,” he said.

Angelina, is said to have been trained as a doctor in his native country, Nigeria. However; his qualifications are not recognised in Europe.

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