Nigeria Is Number 1 Internet User In Africa; 10th In The World

The world will have 2.8billion internet users by the end of 2014 of which it going to experience more growth over the next 5years, this is according to data Gathered by eMarkter. The growth is projected to reach 3.62billion Internet users by the end of 2018. The country of China has the highest internet penetration with
over 643.6million users , Followed by USA and India with 252.9% and 215.6Million internet users respectively. Meanwhile Nigeria is the highest ranked African country (Number 10 on the list), with 57.7million internet users.

Surprisingly , Nigeria have more internet users than advanced Countries like UK And France; ranked 11th and 12th respectively. Nigeria is also the highest country with internet penetration in Africa. Nigeria’s internet Growth is expected to reach a
whooping 84.3million users by the end of 2018. Egypt is the second highest ranked African country on the global list, which was ranked 17th on the list with 36million internet users while South Africa is ranked 25th with 25million internet users. This impressive growth has been driven by
increasing mobile penetration which has afforded more people access to the internet.

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