New French President, Emmanuel Macron has spent €26,000 on personal make-up in 3 months

New French President, Emmanuel Macron has spent €26,000 on personal make-up in 3 months

Just 100 days after being inaugurated as France’s President, Emmanuel Macron has reportedly spent €26,000 on makeup already.

According to Le Point magazine and confirmed by the presidency to AFP on Friday, €10,000 and another €16,000, was paid to a freelance makeup artist, in-charge of his makeup during his travels and ahead of press conferences, as they recalled an embarrassing revelation about the balding former president Francois Hollande who was forced to admit to employing a private hairdresser on a pre-tax monthly salary of nearly €10,000 ($11,800).

In response to the article, the Elysée Palace said, ‘we called in a contractor as a matter of urgency. Spending on makeup would be “significantly reduced” in future’.

The magazine also reported that the amount spent is less than what Macron’s predecessors spent on makeup during the same 3-month period. His predecessor, François Hollande, spent €30,000 per quarter on makeup, including the salary of a makeup artist. In addition, Hollande paid his hairdresser a gross salary of €9,895 a month.

Le Point also gathered that France’s youngest-ever president approval ratings, have fallen sharply since his victory in May standing in his first ever election. A recent poll showed that only 37 percent of French people were happy with his performance so far and he faces a tricky battle to ram through promised labour market reforms next month.

Earlier this month, Macron’s wife Brigitte, his former school teacher who is 25 years older than him, joked about the difficulties of living with her youthful husband during an interview with Elle magazine.

“The 20 years of age difference… it’s really nothing,” she said. “Of course, when we’re having breakfast, there’s me with my wrinkles and him looking fresh, but it’s like that

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