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Relationship Tips

She never knew her husband was cheating, until she used these “catch a cheater tips on him”

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Cheating murders your relationship or marriage! So, how do you avoid being a fool and catch a cheater? These tips will save you pain and time wasted on an unfaithful person.

8 working signs and tips on how to catch a cheater

Try to make love to them after the “long” work day

These tricks work the best with the cheating husbands. What if your man stays long hours at work and that happens often enough? Well, it’s a sign he might be cheating. Do your hair, get some makeup on and your sexiest lingerie. Come up to him after such a “long work day” and offer to have sex.

Watch for his reaction. Evidently, he can be just tired, but if you try hard to prepare, he would not be able to refuse such an incredible offer, unless… he just has been with another woman! Try this experiment couple of times. If he does not want to have sex with you or acts differently from normal, most likely he is cheating on you!

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Get in the phone

This is almost as good as getting in his or her head! First of all, check to see, if they got a password protection on the phone. If they do, ask them to give it to you, but play a trick. Create an urgent situation, when you need to make a call and your phone is off (dead battery, etc.). Get his or her phone in your hands and ask to give you the password. Watch for the reaction.

If they have nothing to hide, they would not mind doing that. Look for the text messages and phone calls from a possible lover. Even if you do not find them, but see a clear SMS box, that’s alarming. It means they regularly delete the messages there to hide something.

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Get online to catch a cheater

Go to his social media profile to see what’s going on there. In most cases, spouses who trust each other share their Facebook or other social sites’ passwords. If they changed it, it’s alarming. Is there a person of the opposite sex they are regularly chatting with? Is your husband or wife keeps liking their photos or post regularly? Do you closely know that person? All these are possible signs of cheating.

Get in the wardrobe

That’s a trick to use with a man. If you suspect him of cheating, use your smell to prove it. Notice him smelling with a female perfume and it’s not yours? Keep on sniffing out. Smell the clothes he has worn, especially those he puts on and stays late at work. Check all the pockets. You may find more signs of cheating there: a shop check for a present or something else.

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