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Natural Ways Of Getting Pink-lips Within 7 Days


get natural pink lips

Getting pink lips naturally is as easy as you can ever imagine without any bad effect. Firstly, there is need for clearing impurities from lips and
keeping it moisturized. It’s good for you to try some natural remedies at your home like lemon, honey, olive oil, aloe-vera and sugar. Scrubbing, providing moisture and proper care is the key to make your lips rosy pink.

Exfoliate your lips

Try preparing a paste which contains rose petals, honey and cucumber. After 10 minutes, add 1 teaspoon milk to the paste and
apply to the lips. This scrub helps in
removing the dirt and dead skin cells on the lips giving it a pinkish look. Second method is to take a toothbrush, add honey to the top and gently exfoliate it to the lips. This removes the dirt and impurities that make our lips to look dark and honey deeply moisturizes lips getting you soft and pinkish lips
naturally at home. Apart from this, make sure you clean your lips daily at night using rose water. Take a cotton balls and dip it in rose
water. Now gently rub it gently for
removing the darkness from lips.

Keep your lips moist

Apply vitamin E moisturizing creams and unflavoured lip balms to keep lips moisturized. These moisturizers prevent our lips from becoming dark and chapped. Using such moisturizers will definitely make your lips pink within few days.


Massages help to increase the
circulation of blood to lips. It Increases blood flow, creates illusion and makes lips appear more reddish. Ice-cubes can be used to massage your lips. Take one
ice-cube and gently rub it to your lips. Following this procedure daily will help you to relax your lip muscles and keep it beautiful.

These are Home remedies for reddish lips

1. Massage your lips with aloe-vera gel for treating dry lips, removing dirt and lightening lips complexion.
Antioxidants in aloe gel are very
effective in lightening dark lips and
making it pink. Take some aloe gel
and gently massage it to lips for 15
minutes and then wash it off using
warm water.

2. Since lemon is a natural cleanser, it cleans the dirt on lips, making it and makes look rosy. Citric acid in lemon acts as a bleaching agent for skin. Take fresh lemon juice and rub it to your lips. This will help to clean your lips and vitamin C present in lemon lightens the lips making it pink. Orange juice and peels are also rich in vitamin C which is useful in lightening dark lips.

3. Milk cream is full of nutrients and
moisture that make it one of the best remedy for lightening the complexion of lips. Take some milk cream and add rose petals to it. Now allow it to cool in refrigerator for 20 minutes. Remove it and gently massage it to the lips. Now let it rest on lips for 15 minutes and then wash it. Milk and rose petal mixture will make your lips pink in a few days.
4. Olive oil mixed with honey and lemon juices makes lips red and gives it a seducing effect. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and moisture that make lips glowing and soft. Apply this oil to lips before sleeping and repeat it for some days. Soon you will notice that your lips are turning pink gradually.

5. Cucumbers are rich in skin lightening properties and lots of water that help to make lips moist and pink. Take cucumber slice and keep it on lips daily for 15 minutes.

Avoid these:

1. Smoking should be avoided. Smoking not only deteriorates health, but also makes lips dark.
2. Do not drink excess of tea and
coffee. Caffeine is an important factor for dark lips.
3. Don’t expose yourself to the sun. Constant exposure of U.V rays results in dull lips. Lip balm with at least 15 SPA should be applied to lips in case you are out in the sun.
4. Avoid licking lips as this can make lips dry and chapped.
5. Eat skin nourishment food with
minerals to make lips beautiful. Fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals that nourishes our skin.
6. Try drinking up to 8 glasses of water every day as this will help to keep lip skin soft and prevent it from drying.

Written by General Chan

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  1. Pls use honey, olive oil, coconut oil, carrot oil and add a lilllte blinching cream to it and missed it together

  2. plz av used it b4 nd it works ,after sometime i abandone it so it turn black plz if i apply it bak wil it work?

  3. I use carotone with red colseup and rob and breakoil and movet cream so it work and very first dat is wat am using

  4. carotone nd honey is working fr me ooo…..dis post is d source of my pink lips ooo…..tnx alot boss

  5. m using close up, honey, sugar, and milk and it is working just wait for 15 minutes like it and put it again just continue like dat

  6. Stop all the worries only carotone will do it in 3days just try it and see.. 3days is not a long time make sure you apply it well on your lips and a secrete before going to bed apply it and sleep you will love your lips in few days.

  7. my lips is black everyday like persons dy smoke Indian hemp…… plz what can I use….. I have Caro tone but I don’t know hw to apply it and what other things I will use …….thanks… if you really to help me this is my number 08139647111 add me on whatsapp to teach me thanks

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