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Ladies Only: That’s Nasty Not Naughty

When a man loves a woman, he loves the whole of her. What makes her the woman she is, what makes her tick, what she hates and every single thing about her he wants to know.

What he might not want to know however are some information that are not necessary for the bedroom.

When it is time to get down, some women make the mistake of revealing too much that they think their men wouldn’t mind but which he does mind in reality.

He would however not mention it, but these things turn him off faster than “PHCN” does electricity.

Some of those things are listed below for you to learn and stop.

1. Wet pants hung on your bathroom door: yes it is not dirty and that shouldn’t be a problem for him. But it is a total turn off. If a man is in the mood and then suddenly, bam! He notices your sexy lingerie hanging on the bathroom door, obvious enough for him to see, he would never look at those panties/lingerie in a sexy way anymore. Not even after you dry them and rock them on your sexy body. Nah. He already knows too much about them, it becomes just another piece of clothing for him.

2. The condition of your Veejayjay: maybe just when he is about to pull off your panties you quickly say “oh its bushy down there, I haven’t shaved in a while…”And then launch into an unnecessary detail of why and how you have a forest growing on your vee. What makes you think in his moment of “heat” he’d have noticed? What you have done now is give him something to think about while the act is going on. Something unpleasant, something nasty.

3. Your other half: some women have half of their physical self being provided by different manufacturers. Eg, fake lashes, fake nails, contact lenses, silicon boobs, fake bum and fake everything else you can imagine.

If when you both are in the mood, he has to keep “detaching” you from those, then trust me he will not be looking forward to a next time/many more times after then.

No man wants to have to sort out all that business.

4. Ugly underwear: this is a no no! No matter how long you’ve been with your man, do not just throw anything on because when you get down and he sees that, he will be turned off.

Yes, men hardly notice what lingerie you’re wearing. But the day you wear one that’s got holes, then you’d know he actually does notice.

Written by General Chan

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