MUST READ: Are You Among Them? – A Message To All Muslims

Message to all Muslim


👉Are you among them ?

Among who ?

•Those who are happy that ramaaadan is going to an end,

•Those who are happy that, they won’t have to skip their foods anymore,

•Those who think they won’t have to bother about their gaze anymore,

• Those who are happy about going back to gambling, stealing, backbiting, slandering, lies, illegal sexual acts and all evil acts,

•Those who are happy for been mindless about salaat,

• Those who are happy that, they will be able to follow their low and flaw desires

I am asking, Are you among them?

• Those who will see five daily prayer, Monday, Thursday, 13,14,15 fasts as nothing after Ramaadan,

•Those that doesn’t care about Allah’s commands and sunnah of prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) after Ramaadan!,

• Those that will find act of reading Quran everyday disgusting!,

•Those that will find listening to words of Allah ( islamic lectures) wasting of time!!

If you are among them

Then permit me to ask ……

Have you being abandoning sins or losing them?!

What is the point of starving yourself since all these days?!

Ya Allah! Make distance between us and our sins similar to distance You make between East and West.

Ya Allah! Help us to remember You, obey You, worship You, give thanks to You.

Ya Allah! Give us strength and the will to see the truth and follow it and give us strength and the will to see evil and avoid it. To You belong the dominion of heaven and earth and You’re the disposal of our affairs.

Ya Allah! I remain imperfect unless You ( Allah) perfect me, I remain a sinner unless you forgive me my sins.

Ya Allah! Grant me my heart desires which are good for me and make heavy my scale with good deeds. Kindly type Aameen by making use of the comment box below.

Spread this to your Muslim friends and relatives, jazaakumu llahu khoiran, wa ssalaamu llahi alaykum, warah motuhu, wa barakaatuhu


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