[MUST READ] Buhari’s Top 13 Promises Before Election

These are the President-elect,General Muhammad Buhari’s top 13 promises while campaigning:

    1. Fuel price would be reduced to N45.00 per litre
    2. The sum of N5000 per month for every unemployed Nigerian
    3. 3,000,000 jobs per annum
    4. Their would be Free meal for all elementary/primary/almajiri schools
    5. 1 year allowance for every Youth Corper
    6. Free and qualitative education up to SSS3
    7. 2 million houses yearly for next 4 years
    8. 48,000 megawatts of electricity
    9. Zero tolerance for corruption
    10. Ban medical tourism by our politicians starting from May 29, 2015.
    11. Annihilate Boko Haram though Goodluck Jonathan is ready to exterminate them now.
    12. Equate 1 USD to =N= 13. Stabilise oil price
    Lets hope and pray these basket of promises come into fulfilment.