MUST READ: 4 Things African Men want in Bed


The best way to an African man’s heart is his stomach but the best way to his sexual satisfaction is knowing how to “cook” in the bedroom. Here are the things African guys want in bed.

1. Good Head:

Not all women know about the art of good head giving, but mastering the art can guarantee you your man’s satisfaction and loyalty. Most African men love good blowjobs and have agreed that it is one of the things they want in bed.

2. Moaning:

When a man does it well, he likes to know. When you let your man know that he is doing his homework very well and that you enjoy it, it makes him work harder and keeps his ego intact. One of the best ways to show him he’s working it well is when you moan in response. This is known to be a huge turn on for men and also make them work more.

3. Action Woman:

Whether lovemaking, fucking, banging or quickie, a man doesn’t want to be with a woman who is as passive as a log of wood. The beauty of sex is when the other person is active, it brings that satisfaction/fun in bed and makes the man look forward to a next time!

4. Talking dirty:

Most men love the dirty talk. It is a huge turn on for them and let’s them know when they are hitting the spot well. You want to keep your man’s mind on the sex? Do the dirty talk more!

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