MUST READ!! 10 Reasons You Don’t Have A Girlfriend

10 Reasons You Don’t Have A Girlfriend

Women Love Bad Boys Not Devilish ones

If your thoughts of being a bad boy is filled with the criminals you watch on TV, change them now. Women want men that are edgy, think and live outside the box. These traits are aptly captured by “bad boys” and what makes you remain without a girlfriend is the fact that you think that all women think and act the same way.

Women are individually unique with a wide range of personalities; and every single one of them wants something different from the other. You have to understand that no man can appeal to every woman but there is one person for every single person. You have to be willing to try – fail – repeat until you get a girlfriend and this journey is usually an interesting one.

You Don’t Know What Women Want


Clueless! That’s what you are. Take away lesbians and asexuals, normal women want a cool and caring guy who is not necessarily rich or famous. All they want is a GUY. Women are more concerned about how you make them feel as opposed to what you actually are. The thing to do is to understand that you are good enough, then you will be able to see women in a different and simplistic light.

A lot of girls might say they want to date a tall, handsome, famous man but in truth, they don’t really mean it even though there are some high class girls who have rules about the kind of men they hangout with. But these kind of women are rare and far between. You should concern yourself with the more simple ones that abound.

You Treat Every Girl You Meet Like Miss World

You don’t have to treat every girl you meet like she’s the only one on earth. The world is filled with lovely people and you can always find an amazing person from the lot. One of the reasons you don’t have a woman to call your own is that you treat the ones you come across like angelic beings that can do no wrong. Women are like men, they have their insecurities and anxiety about things too. As much as they need the support of men, never fail to realise that you also need their support too to grow. Be and act the best way you can but also know that we all have our failings men and women inclusive and that’s what makes us humans!

Your Expectations Are High

This might sound a little harsh but it’s usually best to date someone within your class. This doesn’t mean you should lower your expectations but it is lovely to get in touch with reality in your desires and this is likely to help in more ways than one. An ugly guy will likely date an ugly girl simply because that is what he brings to the table.

bfAs a man, it is important you know that asides your mother, no one is likely to love you without conditions. Expecting unconditional love in relationships is usually what messes things up.
You’re likely to gain dividends from what you bring to the table. A classic example is that of a very beautiful girl and a rich man. Such union is based on the man bringing money and financial freedom and the woman bringing beauty and perhaps something great in the bedroom. Hope you understand how what you bring to the table can help you get the a girlfriend? When you’re done asking yourself what you bring to the table and your self esteem is probably shattered, you can bring yourself to work harder to provide more than enough to get the ladies swarming around you.

Money, Fame And Looks Don’t Do It All

rich bf

These three things do matter but they don’t do it all. There are lots of other variables that can help to determine if the woman you want gets attracted to you or not. A woman getting attracted to you well enough to want to be your girlfriend is a mixture of several variables including, confidence, humour, fame and of course money.

Getting the right mix of these variables is entirely up to you and you can improve each individual one including your looks and appearance. However, a lot of men without girlfriends will rather not because of laziness.

Can You Date Yourself?

If you can’t give an affirmative answer to this question, how do you expect to get a girlfriend? You probably lack ambition and your life is one ruled by fear and you expect to get a girlfriend. Dude, you need to re-evaluate. Your social skills are next to none and the only friends you have are your family and the internet and you’re lacking in cleanliness but you expect to have a girlfriend and go on complaining about how women don’t show interest in you, like seriously?

You need to pick yourself up and change your ways. Drop the self entitlement toga of expecting you’d get a girlfriend because you’re a nice guy and criticise girls for dating bad guys. It’s quite sane for a woman to choose to want to be with a man that’s confident and takes his personal hygiene seriously than a nice guy that smells like the septic tank. She at least knows the former can take care of her when the need arises.

She wants a man that can stand up for himself, protect her from danger and confident enough to walk up to her to state his intentions.

It could also be that where you obtain knowledge from is whack. Sitting around with fellows talking about how women are devils won’t do much to help you get a girlfriend. Listening to someone who’s not a master of the things he preaches will only have you wallowing in negative energy. Learn to experiment the things you’ve learnt and get someone who’s been there and done it with girls to mentor you. Remember to bring something to the table and if that doesn’t work, remember that NaijaLikerz is here to provide you with guidance whenever you need one.

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