MEN ONLY: 7 Tips To Last Longer In Bed


1. Breathing and relaxation techniques are a simple way to last longer

One of the quickest and simplest ways to make an improvement to your lasting time is to ensure your are breathing correctly both before and during intercourse. Most guys with premature ejaculation get this dead wrong and it can straight out sabotage your efforts to make it through the all important first two minutes of sex. There’s a lot more to it than just taking deep breaths, but the good news is it’s relative easy to learn the correct techniques once you know what to focus on. Unlike some of the more advanced methods I teach to help men last longer in bed(which can take a few weeks to master) guys can generally pick this up within an hour, which means it can start helping you out straight away. Once you’ve got the breathing down pat I then show guys how to turn it up a notch with a few simple relaxation and meditative techniques that, once learned will put you in a Zen like state of confidence at the flick of a switch.

2. Ejaculatory muscle control

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself “What physically causes me to ejaculate?” If you’re like most of the guys I coach to last longer in bed, the answer will be a resounding “No”. You see it all comes down to one simple muscle. And get this… when this muscle is in a relaxed state it is physically impossible for you to ejaculate. It’s called the pubococcygeus or PC muscle and is responsible for releasing seaman during your ejaculation. So the key is to learn how to keep the PC muscle nice and relaxed during sex. Now this isn’t as easy as it sounds because this muscle is one of the most difficult in the body to control, but it can be done through a range of specific exercises. It can take up to 4 weeks to get this right and it is one of the more advanced skills I teach, but once this clicks into place, you’ll understand why it’s the key to not just trying to last longer, but taking complete control, where you will decide exactly when you are ready to finish, every time.

3. Creating mental control and confidence

In the old days, premature ejaculation was often entirely put down to mental issues, and men with PE were prescribed sessions with psychiatrists or sometimes even hypnotherapy. As you might guess, this didn’t work very well and you have to feel for guys with premature ejaculation in those days who didn’t have access to the type of modern information and training methods that I am now showing you. While premature ejaculation is primarily physical, that doesn’t mean that the mental side of it is not important. It is. Because the way you manage your thoughts, focus and confidence levels during intercourse, can really sabotage your other efforts to last longer when not kept in check. The approach I use in my Beyond Delay guide is to teach guys a set of practical ways to control to control their thoughts during sex. While these techniques are a piece of cake to learn and start using, when they really come into their own is when you start combining them with the physical skills I teach, because at the end of the day nothing is going to create mental confidence in yourself like knowing you have up your sleeve, the physical skills, techniques and ability to perform every time. And remember, this isn’t about correcting some deep rooted psychological abnormality lurking at the back of your mind, because I can tell you now, that is not the case. In fact all guys, weather they suffer from premature ejaculation or not can benefit learning how to regulate thoughts, perceptions and confidence levels during sex.


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