Meet This Man That Has Bizzare Powers In His Body.

People have all kinds of talents, and some of them are pretty useless, but fun. Such is the genius of this man, and we could rightfully call him an Indian Magneto, just like in X-men.
magneto 1
His name is Arun Raikwar. He is 37, and his body is unique. It works as some sort of magnet. What they do is they put various metal objects, such as spoons on his skin. He can change the position of the body, but those objects do not fall off.
How did he discover such ability? Well, at first he was working and noticed that a metal nail stuck to him. He tried to apply other things, and they stayed on, as long as they were made of iron. As we have mentioned the man is 37, and he was not born that way.
magneto 4
We all have magnetic fields in our bodies; these are the waves doctors measure with ECG. So, the man has no “special” wave to magnet the iron. Scientists believe these waves have grown in intensity in the Arun’s body, but that won’t last for all his life. Over time things will change and get back to normal.

Here is what ‘Magneto’ has to say about it:

“I don’t want these powers, honestly. I want a normal life. See, if this stays for too long, I will become a public spectacle. I don’t want that to happen. But I do want to register myself in the book of records for once. Then I can sit back and show it to my grandchildren one day.”

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