5 manhood lessons to be mastered by every guy. They turn you into a champ!!

Men are not born ready and fit for every challenge they face in life. The earlier you learn these lessons and develop these qualities, the better armed you would be to become a winner.


1. Welcome challenges

For one, they take you out of your comfort zone. A man cannot live in the comfort zone and be the winner. Victories are gotten on hostile territories. So, you have to make yourself step up to the challenge. Don’t run from it. That’s what mamas at times teach their sons: run and hide, look for safe places. Daddies teach a different lesson: go forward and fight.

So, let’s say you meet a girl you really like, but you are not in your best shape. You go back after some hard work; you are not wearing your best clothes, etc. Do not miss the opportunity. A real woman can look inside and see a good man. Stop dreading the refusal!

2. Be mature

It’s not about your age. Men in their 80s can be as immature, as babies. Jewish believe 12 years old boys can be as mature as they make them. That’s when they celebrate their Bar Mitzvah or coming out of age.
Maturity is about making your own decisions and then carrying the responsibility for all kinds of consequences: the good, the bad and the ugly!

3. Self-care

Staying fit and active, being healthy and eating healthy, being clean and well-dressed – all those things are not your mama’s or your wife’s responsibility. You are the one responsible for your health, good looks, etc. So, get into a workout regimen, attend a gym or go for some sports to stay healthy and fit.

4. Happiness

There is the only person in the world responsible for making you happy – that’s you! Your wife is not there to make you happy, nor is your kid. The world and life owe you nothing. So, your happiness is in your hands. Once you realize this, you gain the freedom to be happy despite anything that comes your way.

5. Drop the nagging

Most people think nagging is a purely feminine thing, but it is not. Many men wish everything in life would be after their plan and the way they want it. It’s impossible. If things are not getting done as they want them to, they start nagging. Grow up and accept the world and others as they are.

These five manhood lessons of manhood and adulthood should be learned by every man. They would help you to come into the fullness of your destiny and become who God intended you to be.

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