WTF! 22-year-old man circulates tapes he made with 42 women [18+ PHOTOS]
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WTF! 22-year-old man circulates tapes he made with 42 women [18+ PHOTOS]

A man has become a subject of national attention after his [email protected] Xx:’ tapes with 42 different women were leaked


According to stories making the rounds in Ghana, a 22-year-old man identified as Daniel Ofosu, is wanted by the police in connection with a [email protected] Xx:’ scandal involving 42 women.

Ofosu otherwise known as Junior or Ahotoba, had allegedly been sleeping with women, secretly making videos of them on his digital camera and circulating the videos via bluetooth and social media at a fee of GH¢5.

The 22-year-old who lives in Asokore, Koforidua surburbs in the eastern region, allegedly ‘lured’ both married and unmarried women into his house for [email protected] Xx:’ual activities. Ofosu reportedly deceived the women with his Toyota camry car and stories if his father’s successful business.

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The videos, some of which have gone viral on social media, had some of the women appearing more than once. The [email protected] Xx:’ual bouts lasted between forty-five seconds and five minutes.

According to reports, about five of the ladies were identified as Nana Ama, Rita, Grace and Beama, and they featured twice.

Some of the ladies were also identified as members of the church where Ofosu worshiped , Calvary Worship Center in Asokore and its other branch in Oyoko, a neighbouring town. The rest were identified as senior secondary school students from the Oyoko Senior High school and the Presbyterian Training College.

Sources revealed Ofosu had been asked by his pastor to stop engaging in his promiscuous acts, which led to him leaving the church.

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Ofosu’s escapades were brought to the limelight when he had given one of his close friends identified as Issiw, his laptop for fixing and he refused to return the laptop. Ofosu reported the matter to the police in a nearby town Effiduase, hoping that Issiw would be arrested.

According to a source, “By then Issiw had already had access to the porn videos which Junior had saved on his laptop, so immediately after his (Issiw), release he decided to publish them as a pay back.”

Ofosu has since been in hiding following the release of the tapes, and his father Mr. Kwame Ofosu, has reportedly promised to work with the police to help in the apprehension of his son.

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