Serious Commotion as Angry Lover Murders His Girlfriend and Dumps Her Body in Septic Tank in Lagos State

A man has done the unthinkable by brutally murdering his girlfriend and little son over alleged infidelity.

Angry Lover Murders His Girlfriend and Dumps Her Body in Septic Tank in Lagos State

Policemen in Lagos have arrested suspected cultist, simply known as Evens, who murdered his live-in-lover and her five years old son, over allegation that the lady was dating a rival cult group member.
The shocking incident which left many residents in panic occurred at Igando area of Lagos. According to a report by NewTelegraph, Evens, 32, was believed to have beaten his lover to death and later killed her five-year-old son, a witness to the murder of his mother, to cover his crime. Determined to cover his track, Evens dumped the corpses of mother and son in the building’s septic tank and bolted from the community. The suspect had been described as one of the big guys in the community and drives a ‘big car.’
Nobody was sure when the deceased were murdered, but parents of the lady had already declared her and her son missing. The bodies were discovered on Friday after a putrid stench started emanating from the septic tank’s direction. It was gathered that the slab of the septic tank had earlier been removed to evacuate the waste in it. When the slab was replaced, it was not cemented.
Evens allegedly slided the slab open, dumped the bodies, replaced the slab and disappeared. When the stench started, residents removed the slab and saw the bodies. Our correspondent, yesterday, visited the house where the incident occurred.
A resident, who does not want his name in print, said: “Finding the corpses of the lady and her son in the septic tank took everyone by surprise.
Last year September, when the septic tank in the compound was spilling, we decided to evacuate it.
After the clearing, we left the slab without cementing it. Recently, in one of our meetings, some of my co-tenants complained that whenever they flushed toilets, they smell a putrid stench emanating from the septic tank. That was what prompted us to open the slab again. We saw the decomposing bodies.”
According to the man, immediately they saw the corpses, they alerted the Community Development Association Chairman (CDA). The chairman reported the matter to the Baale of the community. The matter was taken to the Igando Police Station.
Another tenant identified as Joshua also added: “Before the discovery of mother and son in the septic tank, I learnt both had been declared missing. I heard that the woman’s parents approached Evens to find out if he knew about her whereabouts.
They went to him because they know him as their daughter’s lover. He told them that he hadn’t set his eyes on the lady or her son. “Most weekends, I don’t go to office.
I used to see the lady coming to Evens house with her son. It’s a pity. I can’t even begin to imagine what the lady’s parents would be going through right now.” Joshua urged police to investigate the matter properly, adding that there was a time Evens attempted to set the whole building ablaze over allegations that his ex-wife was cheating on him.
The CDA Chairman, Mr, Busari Ahmed, said: “Since I moved into the community 25 years ago, we’ve not witnessed such incident.
When the matter was brought to my attention, I informed the head of the community and Igando Police Station. I was shocked to hear that the suspect had disappeared from the community.”
Ahmed further said: “The police were able to arrest the suspect through one of his friends, a co-tenant.
Evens approached the man and told him that he wanted to sell some of his furniture and relocate.
He was arrested when he came to the community to negotiate with the friend, who pretended that he wanted to buy some of the items. He told police that he beat his lover to death because she was dating another man.”
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Dolapo Badmos, said that the suspect was in police custody.

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