Lakyez a.k.a Mr Fuji Meets Oganla Fuji (pasuma)

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Lakeyz a.k.a Mr Fuji, the new kid on the block, finally meets Oganla Fuji (Wasiu Alabi Pasuma). The two got to meet each other on the 12th of December at a summit hall in Egbeda.

Lakeyz Spoke to one of NaijaLikerz officials…

Being your first time of meeting Oganla Fuji, how did you feel?

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“I feel good, because he has always been one of my mentors and getting to meet him physique is just like a dream come through…”

Are you planning on making collaboration with him, if yes, how soon?

“Definately! We are already talking about that and the collaboration should be dropped early next year, I will urge you guys to just keep your hands crossed.”

What should we fans be expecting,Is it pure fuji or a mixture of hip hop and fuji?

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“You guys should be expecting 21st century Fuji which is a fine blend of fuji n oda genre of music”.

Incase you missed Lakeyz’s newest track titled “Fuji Shoki”, CLICK HERE to download

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