LADIES ONLY: What You Must Know About S3X



As a woman, you should be well aware of the nitty-gritty of s3x. When I say nitty-gritty, I don’t mean knowing the fact that the man puts his ‘weapon’ in the woman’s ‘part’ because the act itself is not all that needs to be known about s3x.

As a woman, you must be aware of all the other things that come with being s3xually active; you must have your own freedom s3xually and you must realize that a man should not be your key to s3xual satisfaction and full knowledge. It all lies with you.

After all, there’s only so much that your man can show and teach you while he’s busy trying to gain his own satisfaction. Below are things that every grown woman must know about s3x

You must give to receive. You shouldn’t always be the one down below taking and taking some more. You have to put in the work too…. Give and give some more.

A man who won’t put your pleasure before his is not worth the stress. Not one bit! In fact, a man who truly cares should get excited when he sees how far he can take you.

Love your body just as it is. Whether you are big, petite, curvy, athletic, skinny, voluptuous etc, just love yourself for what you are. There’s no need to try to pretend to be what you’re not. Trust me, just by looking at you, a man can already tell what you’re packing (to a good extent) so why’re you criticizing yourself when he is clearly not. Plus, he will certainly begin to see the flaws when you keep pointing them out repeatedly!

Know your boundaries but don’t be afraid to cross them every once in a while. Most women will have the things they can do and the ones that they can’t imagine ever doing. However, experience might teach you other things and help you overcome them. Don’t be afraid to try something because of your self-imposed boundaries, girl!

Don’t judge a guy if he doesn’t do it well the first time… especially when he has scored well in other departments. Some people take time to get their groove with a new partner so a couple of chances for an otherwise great guy is not too much to ask.

S3x will be messy, just accept it for what it is. I mean, we’re all adults here. There’s no need for anyone to be getting irritated about what is clearly going to pay off for both of you in the end.

Ask for what you want! Only few men can actually tell what you’re thinking (by few, we mean a handful of men.) Generally, the men folk are not blessed with the ability to read minds. You must tell him and if he doesn’t get it then, show him. If he doesn’t quite get it right the first time, be patient with him.

Post-s3x clean-up is not for just one person. If he has the common sense to get up and wipe up his manly bits, then, you should at least do the same, woman!

Why are you dating a man who won’t ask or warn you before digging in? Has he any manners at all? If you’re not giving him any non-verbal signs that you’re down for it and you find him just taking advantage of your presence then, you need to re-evaluate your stance with this man

Stop faking it! Life is too short for you to keep pretending that you’re getting what you’re clearly not getting. Once or twice maybe, but if you find yourself faking it over and over and over again then, you better sit him down and have that much needed talk or you say ‘bye-bye’.

A man might not care about your flaws but he’ll care if you’re not s3xual. Who wants to be stuck with a woman who can’t even be excited about what she’s getting and what he’s giving her?

If he keeps insisting on skipping the c0nd0m, then you need to ask yourself if the morning-after pills and heartache while waiting for your monthly p3riod is worth it.

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