Ladies: Men From These Nigerian states Are The Best (And Worst) At s.ex



Here’s some advice:

Ladies If you’re looking for a romantic encounter, stay away from Osun Men, ladies. Osun men have been voted the worst lovers in Nigeria —narrowly beating their Ekiti counterparts to the unwanted title. The reasons? Sun men have B.O. and Ekiti men are just too lazy…  Ehm, but in every rule, there is always an exception, because i am from Osun and i am really up to the task *winks


Then there’s this to consider: Ondo men as “too quick to the finish” and the Ogun Men as too dominating. Really? Who would have thought? Seriously, aren’t those states known for their progressive se.xual appetites?

So where should you book your room? If you think i am wrong or right, please don’t forget to use the comment box below, can’t wait for funny replies…. lol.

See the list below:

Nigeria’s Worst Lovers:Nigeria’s Best Lovers:
1. Sokoto (too smelly)1. Calabar
2. Ekiti (too lazy)2. Imo
3. Ondo (too quick)3. Abuja
4. Ogun (too dominating)4. Lagos
5. Abia (too rough)5. Delta
6. Akwa Ibom (too lovey-dovey)6. Enugu
7. Anambra(too selfish)7. Australia
8. Edo (too loud)8. kaduna
9. Ebonyi (too sweaty)9. Rivers
10. Anambra(too hairy)10. Kwara
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